August Passion Project!

see info and application below.

As I've written on social media, each month I create a concept "just cuz".

These photo sessions are ideas that I've been dying to try out, and they keep my creative mind alive!

Each month is different.

This month the theme is "Grieving Summer"

Key Words: Etherial, cinematic, melancholy, warm

View my story on Instagram for the mood board!

Cost : $75. (this ends up being gas $ and reassurance that you'll show up to the session)

Location: Most likely Lake Como, in the bitterroot valley. But could change to a different lake if needed!

Images from these shoots will be shared on social media and my website.

You may apply to be this subject for this shoot below! Friendly reminder that ALL humans of all kinds are always welcome here.

I choose my subjects based entirely on how well they'll be able to work with me to create the vision I am hoping for.

Regardless of my decision, you will get an email back from me either way!



This shoot will take place during the month of August in the evening, in Missoula. Golden hr is essential for this! The day is flexible! Let me know some evenings that you're available.