Hiring a photographer.


There are so many of us. Each one more talented than the last!

But here's the thing, babe. You aren't JUST hiring a photographer. You're hiring a friend. A right hand gal. A hype Queen. And an artist.

There's someone for everyone.

Here's why I might be your gal.

Wild hair, topless sunsets, strong love and killer light

The intimate portraiture experience

I value the client experience just as much as a I value my photographs. When you are vulnerable enough to exist in front of a camera, you walk away with two things. The photos (duh) and a whole new life experience.

Whether you're totally new at the whole taking photos with your clothes off thing, or a seasoned professional, feeling comfortable and confident with your photographer matters. It matters big time.

In front of my lens is a safe space to feel free, bold, held, confident, powerful, and sexy. The way I see the world and the way I photograph humans are the same. Authentic, messy, creative and beautiful. There are no "flaws" here.

"...believe me, one day you'll look back at those photos with much kinder eyes
and say 'Dear God I was a beautiful thing'"

-Moira rose

These photographs turn into cherished heirlooms. And it is truly an honor to create those for you.


I like to think of myself as a chameleon. Hear me out. I learned pretty early in life that I have the ability to go unnoticed whenever I want. At the same time, I can vibe and get along with pretty much everyone. After I figured that out, documenting weddings became a no-brainer.

Between my super chameleon skills and being a hopeful romantic, and being painfully aware of just how temporary everything is, I take care of your love story just as I would my own. There is nothing more powerful than a wild woman in love. and wholly moly am I lucky to have seen this so many times. Each story better than the last.

All of those emotions that are flying around on your wedding day? I saw those. And I froze them for you. These photographs turn into cherished heirlooms. And it is truly an honor to create those for you.

The whole "picture perfect poses" thing just isn't my style. Because, well, it isn't real. I'm here for the messy hair, your veil in the wild, big laughs and booty grabs. That sh*ts real. And it's what you'll have the fondest memories of. So I always aim for a balance of some good classic poses, and the nitty gritty real stuff too.

On top of creating heirlooms for you and your loved ones to look back on year after year, your wedding day can also easily become overwhelming. That's why I offer day of coordination if needed, and a personalized schedule of your special day. If I can make your day a smooth as possible, you bet imma do it! You worry about soaking in all those moments. I'll take care of the rest.

"The most confident I’ve ever felt in my life. I was incredibly comfortable the entire time. Dying to go again."



Where are you located?

Missoula, Montana is home base! Wanna talk about travel? Send me an email! I'd love to come to you.

How to I prepare for my boudoir session?

Do all the things you normally do that make you feel GOOD. Take your time with your skincare routine, play that fire playlist, try on your outfits, nourish your body and stay hydrated. Move and stretch your body. We're gonna be flexing those muscles!
Beyond that, do any extra things that make you feel sexy. Shave if you're into that, self tan if you're into that, etc. Ask me about self care product recommendations!

will you photoshop me?

My whole thing is reflecting your natural beauty back to you. I'll only ever edit out something that isn't always there (for example a blemish or razor burn). You are stunning just the way you are.

Do I get prints?

You can order prints of your session directly from the digital gallery! This is the most affordable, high quality and accessible way to get prints sent to you.

When will I get my photos?

I aim to have standard sessions delivered in less than a week. For weddings, two weeks is the goal! Give or take a few days depending on time of year.

What's the Booking process?

I typically book at least 2/3 weeks out. This gives us time to create the photoshoot that's unique to you, but close enough in the future to have something to look forward to!
After you send me your inquiry, I'll follow up with a detailed questionnaire and a in-person or phone meeting. We'll discuss all your hopes and dreams for your photos, and pick a date & location from there!

I'm new to boudoir, what should I expect?

The space you and I share together is meant to be a space where you can feel seen, heard, comfortable and confident while stepping into your power. Shooting with me is easy and fun. We'll chat in between poses and I'll continue to check in and see how you're feeling.

what if I'm awkward in front of the camera?

I got you, babe! I will gently and clearly guide you through the poses and prompts to make sure you are totally confident and comfortable in front of the camera. It might take a second to get warmed up, and that's okay!

What if I don't want my photos posted?

Everything you see posted on my website or social media has been approved by the client. I always ask permission before I post, and there is never any pressure! Your photographs are created uniquely for you. If you would prefer that your photos stay between you and I, that's more than okay!

Where will my session be held?

This varies! A part of the unique experience, and creating a photo session specifically for you, is photographing in a location that makes the most sense for your session. Sometimes we shoot outdoors, sometimes we find an indoor space, sometimes we use an Airbnb. If an indoor space has to be rented, keep in mind that expense will be added to your session rate.

Do you have payment plans?

Absolutely, Babe. Let's talk.

Do you give raw files?

Nope :)