As artist, it’s easy to fall into the spiral of constantly questioning our work, our style, our choices…let’s face it….everything. When I decided to finally leap head first into really, truly investing in branding work to elevate my art, I fell into that very spiral. 

“Who am I??”

“What am I doing???”

And then, after a few restless nights and mental health walks, it clicked. My hope with sharing this with you, is to inspire you to dip your toes out of whatever cage you’re holding yourself in. Or, if nothing else, just share my passion for art, women, and motherhood with you. 

So, without further ado, Here’s a short story. 

A few years ago, my best friend gifted me the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle. 

“You need this.”

I’m a busy mom. I don’t have much time to myself, and when I do, that time is used for dishes, sweeping the floors, a quick shower and other unglamorous things. But I sat down and read through that book every chance I got. I finished it, I cried, I raged, I laughed. And then I read it again. 

Without spoiling anything…in the beginning of this book Glennon writes about a captive cheetah named Tabitha. Tabitha was born in captivity. Everyday she runs and plays with her friend, a yellow lab, who she believes she is the same species as. She does the same things as this yellow lab and is rewarded for it with a store bought steak and applause. The zookeeper assures visitors that Tabitha is happy in her little exhibit. She was born there, and she doesn’t know any different.

Regardless of “not knowing any different”, Tabitha’s gaze wanders along the borders of her environment. Watching. Waiting. Feeling that she just might be meant for more than this.

As if Tabitha, deep down in her soul, knew that she in fact was not a tail wagging, reward seeking, people pleasing yellow Lab. 

She was “a goddamn cheetah”

Imagine what would happen if Tabitha ever did figure out what she really was. She’d eat the yellow lab and probably the hand of the zookeeper for dessert.

The metaphor of being “a goddamn cheetah” became my Roman Empire. I thought about how Tabitha represents all women who have ever been conditioned to shrink themselves to be less. Less loud, less brave, less capable, less intelligent, less confident (I could go on and on) … because they were taught at as young girls to not upset the patriarchal ecosystem. Men are big and bold and brave, so you can be small and pretty. Keep the peace.

At some point, women feel a tug in their heart. Or maybe not a tug…maybe it’s more like a fire. We know deep in our souls that we are, in fact, not meant to just be small and pretty. We are not meant to be people pleasing, tail wagging, reward seeking girls. We are goddamn women. And the second we figure that out, we can have that zookeeper’s hand for dessert too.

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