part two


And there lies the base of my new brand mark. The cheetah. You can call her Tabitha, or you can call her by your own name. She represents us all.

The woman riding on our fierce cheetah's back effortlessly holds a little bundle. I found my strength through motherhood. I had my babies young, and mothering them is all I've ever known. I found my strength and power with them in my arms. My photography is always open to everyone. All women are welcome, seen and heard. But there is a special, tender piece of my heart reserved for mothers. No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, my photography hold's space for you. to be seen, empowered, and beautiful. Of course, motherhood is not effortless, despite the beautiful graphic you'll see all over my site now. In motherhood, you have to fight like hell not to lose yourself. And sometimes, you do lose yourself a bit...and it takes some time to gather your pieces, all while fully loving and caring for another tender soul. This is relevant not just for my motherhood and baby and birth work, but many of my boudoir clients are mothers as well. Mothers taking the time to invest in themselves, and remind themselves that they are bold and beautiful and an individual, fills my heart to the brim.

My hope as I continue to create natural boudoir work to empower women and mothers, is to inspire them to dare to discover the wildness that lies deep down in their souls. To uncage it and unapologetically RUN with it. To live your life with the strength of the divine feminine as your comrade. To hold your head high, follow your gut, and be whoever you want to be. To remember that you are capable, compassionate, soft, smart, bold, and freaking beautiful.

If you don't do it for you, do it for the women who will follow in your footsteps. I know, photography is a luxury. But, hear me out, photographs are also heirlooms.

I'm fortunate to have some photographs of my grandmother from when she was young. Maybe in her late 20's, early 30's. They're low quality, small prints. But nonetheless, her beauty in that moment is frozen in time. To me, gosh, she was (and still is) so incredibly stunning. And you know what else? I can see myself in her. The same goes for my mother. And I pray the same goes for my daughter. My hope for all of my clients is to have photos that stand the test of time. So that their granddaughters can see them and say "Gosh you are so beautiful!"

As far as the rest of the rebrand , of course I had to add a little western flare with some feminine horseshoes and the earthy colors. My heart still, and will always, rest in the mountains with the horses. And I love me a gritty cowgirl photoshoot.

Bold women are my jam. And as always, I'm just so glad you're here. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my words.

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